Does your canine buddy stay home alone while you go off to earn money for pet food and doggy toys? Dogs are very sociable, and can get lonely when they’re left by themselves. Here, a Coppell, TX vet offers tips on making Fido’s alone time better for him.

Morning Workout

Before you leave, take Fido for a walk and play with him for a few minutes. The idea is to tire your pooch out, so he’ll sleep through a chunk of his alone time.


Make sure that Fido has plenty of toys to occupy himself with. Puzzle toys are a good choice for this. Kong toys are also great, as they can keep Fido busy for hours.

Background Noise

Background noise will provide mental stimulation and help keep your furry friend from feeling lonely. Before you leave, turn a radio on for your canine friend. Many dogs love the sounds of music and human voices!

Window View

If possible, give your pooch access to a window with a good view. He may spend hours just watching what’s going on outside. Fido’s also pretty fond of making nose art. (Tip: use vinegar and newspaper to clean your pup’s masterpieces.)

A Helping Hand

Consider hiring someone to walk Fido, especially on days when you’ll be gone longer than usual. Pet sitters are a perfect option here. Doggy daycare may also be an option.

Consider Getting Another Pet

This one is not an across-the-board recommendation. In fact, in some cases it may do more harm than good. However, if your four-legged pal gets along with other animals, he may appreciate having a buddy to play with and cuddle up to. Of course, you’ll need to think long and hard before proceeding. Consider your household, budget, and schedule. If all the lights look green, go for it!


Never underestimate Fido’s ability to get himself into mischief. In order to protect both your pet and your belongings, you’ll need to do some petproofing. Remove or secure anything that isn’t safe for your furry pal to play with or chew on. This includes things like plastic bags and ties, toxic plants, chemicals, medications, wires and cords, and anything small or sharp.

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