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Creating a Catio
March 1, 2020

Do you keep your feline friend inside? If so, that’s great! Fluffy will be both safer and healthier as an indoor kitty, where she is protected from dangers posed by heat, storms, traffic, snakes, gators, and other animals. However, your kitty will still enjoy-and benefit from-the stimulation of being able to sniff plants and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Why not make her a catio? A local Lewisville, TX vet offers tips on how to do that below.

Choosing A Spot

First, you’ll need to pick the right place. A screened-in porch or patio is ideal. You can also use a spare room, a sunroom, or even just a bright corner. If possible, choose a spot with a good view, so Fluffy can watch birds and squirrels. If you own your place, and you’re up for a bit of a project, you can even make your feline pal her own kitty enclosure. Look online for plans and ideas.


Once you have the spot picked out, the next thing you’ll want to do is add some pet-safe plants. If you like potted trees, you may like Areca palms, Ponytail palms, Rubber tree plants, and/or Money trees. Many herbs are also safe. Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, dill, sweet basil, and lavender are all good options. (Bonus: you’ll have fresh ingredients for cooking.) Want to add a pop of color? Orchids, marigolds, and African violets are all great choices. Certain succulents are also fine, as are air plants. If you want attractive green plants, opt for Spider plants, Cast iron plants, Swedish ivy, Asparagus ferns, or Boston ferns. You’ll find many more pet-safe plants listed on the ASPCA website here . Don’t forget to add a small pot of catnip!


Add a few pieces of cat furniture. A cat tower is a great choice! You can also add kitty shelves or a catwalk. Another thing you can do is plant some cat grass in a storage tote or old litterbox. Once it’s grown in, your feline buddy will have her own private lawn to lounge on. You may also want to add a comfy chair and/or patio set for yourself. This may turn out to be your favorite spot for reading or drinking coffee!

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