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Cats and Rattlesnakes
June 15, 2020

Texas is home to a wide variety of beautiful animals, including some that many of us would rather not have as neighbors … such as rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes may seem like a bigger issue to dogs than to cats. However, kitties can-and do-get bit as well. A Lewisville, TX vet discusses rattlesnakes and cats below.

Local Snakes

We have several types of rattlesnakes in Texas. The Blacktail, Western, Western diamondback, Timber, Prairie, Mojave, and Pygmy rattlesnakes all call the Lone Star State home. The Timber, Prairie, and Western diamondback are the ones most likely to bite. However, any of these ‘nope ropes’ can bite if they feel threatened.

Keeping Fluffy Safe

The best way to protect Fluffy from rattlesnakes is really just to keep her inside! This will also protect your kitty from other hazards, such as weather, traffic, predators, and parasites, and reduce or even eliminate the chances of her getting lost!

A Pawsitive Outcome

As one would expect, rattlesnake bites are very dangerous for kitties, and can be fatal. However, it isn’t necessarily a death sentence. Cats actually have a pretty good chance of surviving, as long as they are treated right away.


If Fluffy gets bit by a rattlesnake, you’ll likely see a lot of swelling and bruising. Your pet may also act strangely: she may seem agitated and/or lethargic, and she may cry out from the pain. You might also see the puncture wounds. These symptoms sometimes take over an hour to appear. It’s worth noting that sometimes snakes bite but don’t release venom. This is called a dry bite. However, if you know or suspect that your cat got bit, don’t want to wait around for an hour to see what happens. Call your vet or the nearest emergency clinic immediately.


As with anything else when it comes to pets, prevention is always better than a cure. In addition to keeping Fluffy inside, you can also take some precautions to make your property less appealing to snakes. Fill in any holes under sheds or garages, and use coverings or mesh on drain pipes. If you have a garden, pick up any fallen produce that may attract rats or mice. These, in turn, will attract snakes.

Please reach out to us, your local Lewisville, TX vet clinic, for all of your feline buddy’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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