Today, August 1st, is DOGust: the unofficial birthday celebration for shelter dogs. If you adopted your canine pal from a shelter, read on! A Lewisville, TX vet lists some great ways to celebrate in this article.


If there’s one thing all of our canine patients love, it’s treats. Pick up something yummy for Fido. Store-bought treats are fine, but you can also give your four-legged friend some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken. Be sure to remove the skin, bones, and fat first! You can also get Fido’s cute tail wagging by getting him some doggy ice cream. You can find this in many pet stores. You can also make your own. Just stick to safe ingredients, like natural peanut butter, sodium-free broth, and fat-free yogurt.


Toys are very important for your faithful pet’s health and well-being. They keep him active and entertained, and provide him with beneficial mental stimulation. Pick up a new plaything for your canine buddy, and take some time to play with him.

New Bed

Has Fido pretty much squashed his doggy bed? Get him a new one! Orthopedic beds are great for older dogs and large breeds. Smaller pups may prefer bolstered beds, which have raised sides. In fact, this is a great gift even for dogs that already have beds. It’s always nice to have options!

Water Fun

Does Fido enjoy swimming? Take him to his favorite spot, so he can enjoy a dip. You can also get your pooch a kiddie pool, or just let him play in the spray from a hose or sprinkler.


Fido really enjoys exploring new places. Sniffing strange grass actually provides dogs with a lot of mental stimulation. Get that cute tail going by taking your pup to a park or trail. Or, if you want to do something more low-key, go through a drive-through for a special treat, like a plain cheeseburger.


If you could ask Fido how he wants to spend DOGust, he’d likely just want to hang out with you. Dogs are amazingly loyal, and really want nothing more than to be with their humans. Spend some quality time with your furry best friend on his special day. Don’t skimp on those belly rubs, either!

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