Did you know that cats can get bored? We know, that may sound like a misnomer. After all, Fluffy does seem to spend a lot of her time doing as little as possible. However, entertainment and stimulation are still very important for your kitty! Read on as a Lewisville, TX vet offers some tips on keeping Fluffy occupied … and out of mischief.


Toys are of course at the top of the list here. Our feline pals all have their own tastes, so experiment a bit. One kitty may love crinkly toys, while another may prefer catnip.


Toys are great, but the best form of kitty entertainment is you. Take time to play with your furry pal every day. When you hold Fluffy’s toy, you’ll be controlling its movements. This makes playtime more fun and more challenging for your tiny lion.

Window Seat

One thing that is guaranteed to please your feline overlord is a comfy window seat. Cats love to relax and watch birds and squirrels! It’s even better if you can put a birdfeeder up in Fluffy’s line of sight. Just make sure that your windows and screens close securely.

Background Noise

When you leave your furry companion home alone, turn a TV or radio on for her. The sound of music and voices will soothe Fluffy, and keep her from feeling lonely.

Things To Explore

Kitties are very curious, and love to investigate, well, everything. (Fluffy is sometimes a bit too curious for her own good, but that’s another topic.) Set out some boxes and newspaper boxes for your feline buddy!


We always recommend keeping cats indoors, where they are safe from things like cars, weather, chemicals, and other animals. However, Fluffy will enjoy having some plants to sniff at and nibble on. Set out some pet-safe plants for your furball, so she can peek out at you from behind green leaves and pretend she is a ferocious hunter. You can find a list of suggestions at the ASPCA website here.


Remember to spend time with your furry buddy every day! Talk to Fluffy, pet her, and let her doze off on your lap. Kitty purrs are one of life’s greatest gifts, as far as we are concerned!

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