If you own a cat, you know how good they are at grooming themselves. Our canine companions aren’t so talented. It’s up to you to make sure your dog’s coat of fur stays in good condition! Here are five tips from your Lewisville, TX vet to help you do that: 

Feed a Quality Diet

It’s one of the easiest ways to make sure your pup’s coat stays in tip-top shape: feed a high-quality diet. When your dog receives the right nutrition, the skin and hair follicles stay healthy. That makes for a smooth, shiny, well-moisturized coat of fur with minimal shedding. Some dogs even benefit from dietary supplementation with fish oil, omega-3 fatty acid supplements, and others—ask your vet if this might be right for your pooch. 

Brush the Coat

Brush your dog on a daily basis, or every few days depending on the thickness and length of the fur. It’s a good way to prevent tangles, get rid of dead or loose hair, and spread natural skin oils through the coat for moisturization. Ask your vet to recommend the right brush type for your dog’s particular coat.

Schedule the Occasional Bath

Bathing your dog every once in a while is another good way to keep the coat clean. Always use a shampoo formulated for dogs, and take care not to get any in Fido’s eyes or mouth. And make sure not to bathe too frequently—this can backfire and dry out the skin, leading to a dull, coarse coat and more shedding.

Don’t Skip Preventatives

A flea infestation or some other parasitic invasion can quickly ruin even the best coats of fur. That’s one of the reasons why keeping your dog on preventative medicines, including a flea-and-tick medication and a heartworm preventative, is so important. Talk to your vet right away if your canine companion is in need of these preventative measures. 

Seek Professional Help

If your dog has a particularly thick or dense coat of fur, if they have extremely long hair, or if they have any kind of specialized grooming needs, it might be wise to let the professionals handle it. Consider contacting a groomer in your area, or ask your vet what they might recommend for Fido’s grooming needs. You don’t have to handle it alone! 

For more information on your dog’s grooming routine, get in touch with your Lewisville, TX veterinary clinic. We’re here to help!