Thanksgiving is here! While food is often a central part of the autumn holiday, it’s important to remember the reason for the celebration: gratitude. We are definitely thankful for our feline friends, and all the ways they help brighten and enrich our lives! A Lewisville, TX vet lists some reasons to be grateful for Fluffy in this article.

Comic Relief

As the saying says, laughter is the best medicine. Kitties certainly provide us with plenty of it! Fluffy is highly entertaining when she is chasing after that elusive red dot, or just watching a bird or squirrel through the window. Cats even manage to make us laugh when they’re sleeping!

Zen Masters

Cats are very, very good at relaxing. Even  looking at a sleeping kitty can be relaxing. Fluffy’s state of zen may be a bit contagious!

Alarm Clock Functions

Kitties take their breakfasts—all five of them—very, very seriously. Every morning, cats all over the world wake their humans up to let them know it’s time for their morning meals. Fluffy may not always be polite about these wake-up calls, but she can help stop you from oversleeping.

Sleep Aid

On the other paw, our feline pals can also help with insomnia. Fluffy does make a great napping buddy. After all, snuggling up with a purring cat can be quite relaxing! 


Okay, guard cats aren’t quite as fierce or threatening as guard dogs. However, our feline buddies have stepped up and alerted their humans to danger. You may remember that video of one ferocious kitty chasing off a bear. Another furball defended her tiny human from a dog attack. These little furballs have also alerted their people to fires, intruders, and even medical emergencies. If nothing else, Fluffy can be counted on to inform you if there’s a moth in the kitchen, or bat in the bedroom.


One of the best things about kitties is the fact that they are so cuddly. Fluffy can be very affectionate with her humans! There are few things more adorable than a furball who is contentedly snuggling up with her favorite human. Spend lots of time with your pet, and make sure she feels loved, safe, and maybe a bit spoiled.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Riverchase Animal Hospital, your Lewisville, TX veterinary clinic. Please contact us for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs.