Is your canine buddy in his golden years? If so, you’ll want to pay some extra attention to Fido over the next few weeks. The holidays can be quite stressful for older dogs! A Lewisville, TX veterinarian offers some tips on keeping that cute tail wagging below.


Keep Fido’s age in mind as you go shopping for him. Choose things that will keep your faithful pet comfortable. An orthopedic bed is a great choice. Your pup may also appreciate things like elevated dishes or pet ramps. If your canine pal struggles with the heat in summer, a cooling vest may be a good bet. For stocking stuffers, opt for things like paw balm, dental chews, supplements, and, of course, treats.


No matter how old Fido gets, he’ll still be interested in that delicious holiday food. You can certainly offer your furry buddy something special, but be careful here. Rich, fatty foods aren’t good for any dog, but they can be quite difficult for senior pooches to digest. Some plain, cooked meat, fish, or turkey, without the skin, bones, or fat, is a safe option. Ask your vet for more information.


While older dogs aren’t as mischievous as puppies, they can still get into their fair share of trouble. Be careful with things like candles, fireplaces, and potpourri burners. Fire and pets are definitely not a safe mix. If you get traditional plants, like poinsettia, holly, or ivy, keep them well out of paws’ reach. These seasonal favorites are poisonous to Man’s Best Friend!


Senior dogs sometimes get a bit anxious as they grow older. Fido will feel safest on a set schedule, and can become stressed out by changes in his normal environment or routine. Things like visitors, parties, and loud noises can all make your furry pal very uneasy. Even decorations can upset our canine companions. Fido may very well think that the huge inflatable snowman in the neighbor’s yard is a menacing intruder! Keep an eye out for signs of stress and anxiety. Also, spend plenty of time with your four-legged friend. Talk to him, pet him, and offer lots of conversation and ear scritches. Senior dogs are very cute and lovable. In fact, they are precious gifts of their own!

Happy Holidays from Riverchase Animal Hospital, your Lewisville, TX veterinary clinic. Please feel free to contact us anytime!