Happy Mew Year! No, that isn’t a typo: it’s an early holiday greeting to our feline patients! Kitties actually celebrate the New Year on January 2nd. If you’re making resolutions, your furball will likely supervise you very closely as you strive to meet your goals … at least, while she’s awake. Of course, your playful pet may also have a few things on her own agenda! A local Lewisville, TX vet lists some resolutions for frisky cats in this article.

Catch The Sheet Monster

One thing we may never understand about cats? Why they just can never seem to resist ‘helping’ their humans change sheets! Fluffy may very well try to catch that sheet monster this year.

Perfect That Innocent Look

Fluffy has many talents, but one of the best ones is the way she manages to look extra adorable when she’s done something she knows she shouldn’t. If your furry buddy makes this goal, she will manage to look completely innocent when you find her on the table or catch her knocking something off the counter.  

Soccer Skills

Speaking of knocking things off counters, that’s another thing mischievous kitties may aim for. It’s safe to say that Fluffy will smack at least one thing off a table or desk this year.

Increase Sprint Speeds

Have you ever seen Fluffy suddenly bolt out of the room at full kitty speed, for no apparent reason? Your furry pal may very well want to work on her speed this year, and make those down-the-hall dashes even quicker.

Investigate All The Things

Cats are known for their curiosity. Fluffy will immediately investigate any boxes or bags you bring home. Actually, she’ll check out anything within paws’ reach!

Work On The Pounce

Kitties may look cute and silly when they are playing, but these little furballs actually take hunting very seriously. Your feline friend may try to improve her precision, speed, or aim in 2021. She may also try to jump higher than usual.

Make The Human Laugh

We suspect that your feline pal won’t have a hard time making this goal! Cats just have a special way of making us giggle. Fluffy somehow manages to get even funnier when she’s being serious.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Lewisville, TX veterinary clinic, we are here to help!