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Meowpulation Tactics
March 1, 2021

Does your kitty chirp or squeak at you when she wants to communicate? Or is your furry little friend more of a yeller? Just like people, cats all have their own unique voices. A Lewisville, TX vet talks about kitty vocalization below.

T  he History Of The Meow

Have you ever noticed that some cats sound rather like human babies when they cry? This probably isn’t a coincidence. We first domesticated kitties thousands of years ago. The official story here is that we realized that Fluffy was not just a great hunter, but they was also pretty cute and fun to have around. However, it’s very possible that our feline friends realized early on that sounding as helpless and infant-like as possible is a good way to get us to hand over food and treats.

Chatty Cats

Some breeds are known for being more vocal than others. For instance, Siamese kitties and Maine Coons are both very talkative, while Ragdolls tend to be quieter. However, it’s worth pointing out that most cats don’t talk to each other: they communicate with body language, facial expression, and, occasionally, by attacking one another. 

An All Purrpose Command

The meow is Fluffy’s all-in-one way of communicating. Some cats only speak up when they are demanding something: food, treats, cuddles, or to be picked up or put down. Others chatter about, well, everything. Your cat may adjust her tone depending on what she is trying to tell you. For instance, if she’s spotted the bottom of her food bowl, she may get a bit dramatic and give you an earful. If she just wants to say hello, or ask you to help get her toy out from under the couch, she may chirp or squeak.

Chatting With Fluffy

Even if your cat doesn’t have a whole lot to say, she’ll probably enjoy being spoken to. Kitties make great listeners! Plus, you won’t have to worry about Fluffy spilling your secrets, or telling your boss what you said about them. Talk to your pet! 

Changes In Vocalization

If your cat suddenly changes the way she sounds, it could be an indication that she isn’t feeling well. For instance, if Fluffy is normally chatty, but suddenly doesn’t have much to say, she might be sick. Call  your vet immediately.

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