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Puppy Care Tips
March 15, 2021

There are few things that bring joy into our lives the way welcoming a puppy into the family can. Tail wags, puppy kisses, and baby dog shenanigans are truly precious. Of course, taking on a puppy does entail a lot of work. Read on as a local Lewisville, TX vet offers some tips on caring for a young dog.

S  tart Training Immediately

Little Fido has a lot to learn in the world. Start his petucation right away. Housebreaking and crate training should start immediately. You’ll also need to teach your canine pal simple obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Basic petiquette is important, too. Address bad habits, such as jumping, lunging, and begging, by nipping them in the bud.

Don’t Skip Socialization

Socialization is very important to dogs. This has to be done during puppyhood, while little FIdo is still forming his opinion about the world. You’ll want to expose your furry pal to lots of new places and faces. This will help him develop an open mind and a positive attitude about strangers and new experiences. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Provide Great Food

Puppies grow very fast. Nutrition is crucial at this important point of little Fido’s life. The growth spurt that takes your pet from bumbling ball of fur to happy, healthy adult happens very quickly, and really puts a lot of strain on his body. Offer your furry companion nourishing, high-quality food.

Offer Lots of Toys

Toys aren’t just about getting little Fido’s tail going. They’re also important for teaching your cute pet how to chew properly, keeping him out of trouble, preventing boredom, and helping him burn off excess energy. Offer your furry friend lots of safe, suitable playthings. Chew toys are also a must!

Visit The Vet

You’ll need to bring your four-legged pal in a few times during that first year, for spay/neuter surgery, exams, parasite control, and vaccinations. Microchipping and ID tags are also very important. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.

Take Lots Of Pictures

Fido’s adorable toddler phase won’t last very long. Your canine friend will be grown up before you know it! Snap lots of photos of this super cute stage of your fuzzy buddy’s life.

Please contact us, your Lewisville, TX veterinary clinic, anytime. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch care.

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