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6 Cute Ways To Celebrate Kids And Pets Day
April 15, 2021

Kids and Pe ts Day is coming up April 26th! Our animal companions can be beneficial for children in many ways. Pets make great playmates, companions, and cuddle buddies for little ones, and they’re a great source of comfort on hard days, Plus, they can teach children the value of friendship, kindness, and empathy. Last but not least, kids and pets are adorable together! In this article, a Lewisville, TX vet lists some fun ways to celebrate this special day.

Photo Session

One thing both kids and pets have in common: they both grow very, very fast! Pick a cute backdrop, and snap some quality pictures of your children with their furry friends. Use editing apps to tweak and polish your favorites. These may become some of your most treasured photos!


A nother thing you can do is bake some homemade treats for Fluffy and Fido. Kids can make great little kitchen helpers! Just be sure to stick with pet-safe ingredients, such as cooked meat, fish, or poultry; plain yogurt; and sodium-free broth. Look online for recipes and instructions. 


A quick online search will turn up dozens—if not hundreds—of easy craft projects for things kids can make for their furry friends. For instance, an old tee shirt can be turned into a pet tent for Fluffy or a rope toy for Fido. 

Story Time

Animals often feature prominently in many kids’ stories. If your little ones are still young enough to enjoy being read to, pick a great tale that features some of our furred or feathered friends. If the kids are a bit older, have them write their own story or poem about the family pet. This can make a great scrapbook addition!


This one is bound to be adorable. Our animal companions are always appreciative of new toys. Be sure to supervise play sessions carefully. This is particularly important with very young children. You don’t want them learning the hard way that Fluffy’s tail isn’t a toy!


What better way to wind down than by watching a cute animal movie? Settle in with the kids and the family pets, and enjoy a fun flick about our animal companions. There are plenty of good ones to choose from!

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Lewisville, TX veterinary clinic, we’re happy to help!

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