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Causes of Dog Anxiety
May 1, 2021

Dog Anxiety A wareness Week starts May 2nd. Anxiety is more common in dogs than many people think. Our canine pals can suffer from depression, fear, and anxiety, just as people can. The good news is that there are ways to help Fido cope with his fears. Training, medication, toys, and pet care practices can all be helpful.  However, before you can address your furry friend’s anxiety, you need to figure out what it stems from. A Lewisville, TX vet offers a few suggestions below. 

Separation Anxiety

This one is very common in our canine companions. In the wild, dogs live in packs. That pack mentality is more or less hardwired into Fido’s brain. This can manifest in many ways, but it’s particularly prominent when it comes to social interaction. Your pooch may get scared and lonely when he is left by himself. If your dog tends to make a mess when left alone, he may be suffering from separation anxiety.

Loud Noises

Dogs are also often scared of loud noises. Things like fireworks, thunderstorms, construction noise, gunshots, or even loud music can make pups very uneasy. Keep Fido safe and sound inside if you know or suspect things might get loud.


Major changes, such as changes in household, environment, or routine, can also be stressful to Fido. Some examples of this include moving; gaining or losing a roommate, whether two or four-legged; age-related transitions; and schedule adjustments.


Being uncomfortable and/or in pain can take a toll on anyone’s mental health. Parasites, heat cold, hunger, thirst, dental issues, medical problems … these things can all cause mental anxiety as well as physical discomfort. Make sure your pet is happy, healthy, and comfortable! 


Man’s Best Friend can get pretty restless with nothing to do. Offer Fido lots of fun toys, and make sure he is getting enough playtime and activity!

Past Trauma

Unfortunately, not all pets get to be happy and healthy their entire lives. If Fido was rescued from a bad situation, and/or was sick or hurt in an accident, he may still be processing the trauma from that. For instance, he may be scared of specific objects, situations, or areas, or even of people who look or sound a certain way.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Lewisville, TX veterinary clinic, we’re here to help!

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