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Fido's Favorite Summer Activities
May 15, 2021

Summer isn’t very far off now. While we don’t have to deal with the snow and cold our northern neighbors get, we’re not entirely free of seasonal changes, either. The Lone Star State can get pretty hot at this time of year! Your canine buddy may spend quite a bit of time over the next few months trying to stay cool. Here, a local Lewisville, TX veterinarian lists some of your pup’s favorite summer activities.


Begging could be considered a year-round activity, but Fido tends to put on his most adorable begging face when you fire up the grill. Go ahead and give your furry buddy a plain sausage, brat, or burger. Just stick with pet-safe foods, and don’t give your pooch anything that’s too hot.

Water Fun

Many pups love going for a dip when it’s really hot out. Swimming can be a great activity for Fido. You’ll need to be careful, though. Stick with dog-friendly swimming holes. These usually have shallower water, gentle slopes, and weaker currents.


Dogs love going to new places. There’s nothing wrong with indulging Fido’s taste for exploration. Safety first, though. Make sure that your furry bff is fixed, microchipped, and wearing ID tags. He should also be current on his required vaccines. Don’t let your pooch sniff around in spots that could be housing wild animals, like rattlesnakes. You’ll also need to check him thoroughly when you get home, to make sure he hasn’t picked up any ticks or foxtail awls.

Cold Snacks

Do you sometimes like to cool off with an ice cream on hot days? Stop by the pet store or supermarket and get some for your canine pal as well. That’s bound to score you some tail wags!


One of Fido’s most adorable traits is his penchant for play. Indulge your canine buddy, and take time tossing a ball or Frisbee for him. The downtime will be good for you, too!

BFF Tim  e

No matter what time of year it is, Fido really just wants to spend time with you. Pay lots of attention to your furry friend, and dole out lots of belly rubs and ear scritches. It’s important for us all to enjoy the time we have with our four-legged friends.

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