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Holiday Gifts For Fido
December 15, 2021
Happy Holidays! Are you still working on your shopping list? Don’t forget to pick up something for Fido. After all, he has been a very good boy! A Lewisville, TX offers a few ‘pawesome’ suggestions in this article.


It’s important for your canine companion to have a comfy bed, so he can sleep well. If your pooch’s bed has seen better days, this is a great time to get him a new one. Orthopedic beds are excellent options for large breeds and senior dogs. You may also want to get Fido an elevated bed. These are good for outdoors, as they’re easy to hose down.


Playing is very beneficial for your canine buddy. It not only lets Fido indulge his inner puppy, it keeps him active, offers him an outlet for any frustration he feels, and provides mental stimulation. Toys make great gifts for Man’s Best Friend! Pick some that will occupy your pooch for a while, such as puzzle toys, as well as some he can snuggle with and some that are just fun.

Doggy Dental Products

Keeping up with your furry buddy’s oral care is very important! Dental treats, formula, and chews can make great stocking stuffers! Ask your vet for recommendations.

Doggy Subscription Boxes

Does Fido go through toys and treats faster than you can keep up? Keep that tail going all year by signing him up for a pubscription box!

Yard Upgrade

Dogs both love and benefit from having fenced yards. If Fido has an outdoor area to run and play, consider adding a few pet-friendly features. A doghouse would definitely get that tail going! Your pup may also like a kiddie pool or a sandbox.


If there’s one thing all of our canine companions unanimously love, it’s treats. If you like baking, you can try making some homemade dog treats. You’ll find some ‘pawesome’ recipes online. Just stick to those that use safe ingredients.


Does Fido pull, jump on people, or refuse to come when called (unless you’re holding a treat)? Consider signing him up for training. This isn’t just important for petiquette. It’s also crucial for safety. Plus, you’ll enjoy your furry pal’s company more, as there will be less friction. Consider it a gift that keeps on giving! Happy Holidays from everyone here at Riverchase Animal Hospital, your Lewisville, TX animal clinic. Contact us anytime!
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