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Protecting Your Dog From Rattlesnakes
January 15, 2022
Rattlesnake Appreciation Day is coming up on January 28th. We know, rattlesnakes aren’t the most popular animal out there. However, there’s a lot of misunderstandings about them, and the benefits they can provide. Most rattlesnakes are actually very timid, and will only strike when they feel threatened. That said, they definitely should be treated with respect, and given a wide berth. A local Lewisville, TX vet offers some tips on keeping your canine companion safe from rattlesnakes in this article.


First and foremost, pay close attention to the terrain when walking Fido, and watch where he and you step. Dogs love to sniff around things like brush piles, rotten logs, and crevasses. These are exactly the types of places rattlesnakes like to hide in. At night, take a flashlight with you.


Many people like to listen to music or podcasts when walking their pups. That makes sense, but it’s also important to be able to hear that telltale rattle! Always stay alert and aware of your surroundings.


There are vaccines available for rattlesnake bites. However, these aren’t going to protect your pooch from every poisonous snake out there. Fido will also need boosters. Ask your vet for more information.


Proper training isn’t just important for petiquette: it can actually save your pup’s life! Teaching Fido simple commands, such as Stay, Come, and Leave It, can help you keep your furry best friend from approaching a snake, and may very well prevent bites.


There are some ways to make your home less inviting to snakes. Putting a four-foot fence up will deter most snakes. Also, fill in openings beneath sheds, garages, and remove debris piles.


Snakes are actually quite timid, and most will only bite if threatened. That said, they don’t like surprises. While you can come across a rattlesnake at any time, many of them are most active in the mornings, evenings, and at night. Be extra vigilant at these times!


Rattlesnake bites aren’t always fatal to dogs, but Fido will need immediate treatment. If you know or suspect that your canine pal has been bitten, take him to the vet or emergency clinic right away. Call as you’re on the way over, so they can prepare for the incoming patient. As your local Lewisville, TX veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch veterinary care. Contact us anytime!
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