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The Dangers of Foxtail Grasses


Did you know that foxtail grasses are extremely dangerous to pets? Foxtail grasses were once only found in the southwest, but they have now spread through the continental US. A Lewisville, TX vet discusses foxtail grasses below. Basics Foxtail grasses go by many names. You may also know them as June grass, Downy Brome, mean … Read More »

7 Ways To Keep Your Cat Healthy


February is National Cat Health Month! Our feline pals are pretty easy keepers, which is one reason they make such great pets. However, Fluffy does need good TLC in order to thrive. Read on as a local Coppell, TX vet lists some ways to keep your kitty happy, healthy, and purring. Veterinary Care First things … Read More »

Holiday Gifts for Cats


Happy Holidays! Over the next few weeks, many of us are going to be searching for the perfect gifts for our friends and family members. Don’t forget to get something for your cat! After all, no holiday scene is complete without a purring kitty. Read on as a local Lewisville, TX vet lists some great … Read More »

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Taking Fluffy To The Vet


Cats are quite independent, which is one reason they make such great pets. However, kitties aren’t entirely self-sufficient. They need proper care in order to thrive. That definitely includes veterinary care! While it’s probably safe to say that most of our feline patients would rather stay home and take another nap than visit us, they’ll … Read More »

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Tips For Playing With Your Cat


Kitties are super playful, which is one of the many reasons they are such fun and entertaining pets. Fluffy is super cute when she is pouncing on her favorite toy, or chasing after that elusive red dot! Actually, playing with your furry buddy is one of the best things you can do for her. Read … Read More »

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