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The Dangers of Foxtail Grasses


Did you know that foxtail grasses are extremely dangerous to pets? Foxtail grasses were once only found in the southwest, but they have now spread through the continental US. A Lewisville, TX vet discusses foxtail grasses below. Basics Foxtail grasses go by many names. You may also know them as June grass, Downy Brome, mean … Read More »

Caring For Your Dog’s Paws


Paw prints are one of the most common symbols or images we associate with our canine friends. Fido’s furry feet are super cute! They are also crucial to his health and well-being. They act as shock absorbers when your dog runs and jumps, and generally keep him mobile. In this article, a Lewisville, TX vet … Read More »

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New Year’s Resolutions for People With Dogs


Happy New Year! Are you setting goals for 2020? If so, why not include your canine pal in your resolutions? After all, this is a great time to revisit your dog’s care regimen, and see if anything needs improvement. A Lewisville, TX vet lists some great resolutions for people with dogs in this article. Make … Read More »

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7 Ways To Make Your Dog’s Home Alone Time Better


Does your canine buddy stay home alone while you go off to earn money for pet food and doggy toys? Dogs are very sociable, and can get lonely when they’re left by themselves. Here, a Coppell, TX vet offers tips on making Fido’s alone time better for him. Morning Workout Before you leave, take Fido … Read More »

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Fido’s Golden Years


Did you know that some dogs become seniors as early as age six? There’s no one set age for Man’s Best Friend to become a senior. It depends a lot on size, as big dogs age more quickly than smaller breeds. However, no matter what type of dog you have, it can be a shock … Read More »

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