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Melissa PetersonMelissa Peterson

Wonderfully caring, thorough, and knowledgeable staff. Akasha, our senior kitty, had serious dental issues. Through the use of dental X-rays, surgery, and several follow-ups she's now a little more toothless but a lot happier and healthier. They've really helped our other kitty, too. Mina used to be quite a bit more than fluffy, and by following the vet's recommendations she's making great progress towards a healthier weight. Every interaction has been positive and supportive, and they're always happy to help. Thank you so much for taking such great care of our fur babies!

Aaron S.Aaron S.

I have a thirteen year old Yorkie who goes here and he's never had any complaints. Been a regular customer for eight years.

I wish they offered weekend...

Elizabeth HaynesElizabeth Haynes

Thank you Dr. Dees for taking such good care of my Mimi! And Angel too, although he wasn't as much work. I really appreciate having such a wonderful place to take my furry children. 🙂

Patsy JonesPatsy Jones

I have taken my pets to this clinic for well over 20 years - long before it was called Riverchase. These doctors are caring, helpful and thorough. I personally prefer Dr. Morrison, but there are also other doctors who work here. I have never been disappointed with the care and treatment of my beloved dogs. I also highly recommend Maria as the BEST groomer - kind, gentle and patient with the animals.

Jennifer KirkleyJennifer Kirkley

This is the best Group in DFW, so patient ,kind and informative. We have had several difficult situations with different animals and they have always gone the extra mile, if I could I would take my REAL children to see them too!!!!!!

Tom AdamsTom Adams

Very professional, very caring, and very sympathetic in every situation.

Ray SoriaRay Soria

Outstanding Staff. Dr. Morrison is great.

Fay S.Fay S.

These people are just amazing . They take care of all 5 of our animals . Last year when we were in Europe and my son took our cat in, they called us to give...

Marylynn LoydMarylynn Loyd

I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful clinic. Dr. Dees-Atkinson is an amazing vet that truly loves and care for animals (especially kitties)! The staff is always very helpful and so nice. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my Kye kitty! I highly recommend Riverchase to everyone!

Jon WilsonJon Wilson

Informative; Gentle; and fun (since I was not the one getting a shot) Dr. Matt and the whole staff are wonderful and our new puppy will be in good hands for many years!

Al CrawfordAl Crawford

Dana, Addison, Dupree and Ditto get the best care at Riverchase Animal hospital.

Stella Martinez BejarStella Martinez Bejar

What was supposed to be a most difficult and heart breaking experience for us this morning, turned out to be very peaceful thanks to Dr. Morrison and his staff. We had to have our 14 year old Yorkie euthanized and Barbara was so compassionate and caring from the moment we entered the office. The technicians were all so caring and loving as well. He was even given a breakfast donut after his IV was put in. We got to be in a special room with BeeGee for the entire process and we were given as much time with him as we needed. Dr Morrison was very professional and compassionate as well. We highly recommend Riverchase Animal Hospital, where you and your pets are treated with the utmost loving care.

Susan KnollSusan Knoll

I am truly thankful for the skilled care my animals have received at Riverchase. Both from Dr. Dees and most recently from Dr. Robinson. One of my kitty's had an a sudden unexplained weight loss. Dr. Robinson referred me to a specialist for some diagnostics to rule out cancer. After a series of tests, the specialist turned care back over to Dr. Robinson with a diagnosis. Dr. Robinson still felt this diagnosis, while accurate did not explain 100% of my kitty's symptoms. He was 120% correct. We ran two more tests, which gave use the firm diagnosis. While the specialist was still correct, his diagnosis ended up being for a secondary issue and Dr. Robinson got to the root of her primary issue. If this issue had been left undiagnosed, my kitty would have died. Than you Dr. Robinson and the entire staff at Riverchase!

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