Dr. Matt Morrison employee portrait with dog

Dr. Morrison

Practice Owner, Chief Veterinary

Dr. Morrison always wanted to work in the medical field, but he never felt particularly passionate about the human healthcare world. When he thought back about what he felt truly drawn toward, the choice became obvious. Why not satisfy his medical interests while indulging his lifelong love for animals, thought Dr. Morrison, by becoming a veterinarian?

Dr. Morrison was born in Fort Worth but grew up in western Kentucky. He graduated from veterinary school in 1993, then moved to Jackson, Mississippi for his first job. It wasn’t long before he had relocated again to Dallas, Texas, where he worked for several different animal hospitals and dabbled in relief work. Dr. Morrison started here at Riverchase Animal Hospital on a relief basis in 1999, and initially bought into the practice in 2001. Seven years later, he bought the clinic in full and has owned the hospital alongside his wife ever since!

Medically, Dr. Morrison has a special passion for dentistry work and is constantly amazed at the immediate effect a dental cleaning can have on his patients and their loving family members. He’s also fond of taking first-time pet owners and setting them up on the path for success.

Away from work, Dr. Morrison enjoys working out and weight lifting, going to the movie theater, attending concerts, and gardening. He and his wife have two dogs, Cinna and Dug, as well as a cat named Rizzo who has been trained to fetch beer bottle caps. The couple continues to miss their pets who have passed on: Stan, Tag, Sid, Pants, and Murry.