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Stress-free Vet Care in Coppell & Lewisville, TX



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Ever visit a vet clinic that was just that: clinical? Cold exam rooms. Distracted staff. The feeling like you and your pet are just another cog in the wheel.

At Riverchase Animal Hospital, we know this happens far too often. That’s why it’s become our mission to change the way veterinary care is delivered, one precious pet at a time. You see, when you work with us, you’ll get more than just high-quality medicine. You’ll get warmth. You’ll get our undivided attention. Most importantly, you’ll be treated like family.

We’ve been serving the Coppell and Lewisville communities since 2001, and have built a reputation as a place where both people and pets feel welcome. Our low-stress philosophy is designed to set even the most anxious animal at ease.

We also know that quality vet care involves more than just the patient. As your pet’s parent, you are the most important person in his or her life. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on communication and education. When we work together, we can give your pet the amazing life he or she deserves!

Won’t you join us? Call or stop by today and experience the difference for yourself. You won’t be sorry!

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We treat you and your pet like family.

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