Dr. Dee's holding cat and dog

Dr. Kelley Dees-Atkinson

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Dees Background

Dr. Dees grew up playing with stuffed animals hooked up to fluid sets, and she even remembers wrapping their legs in “casts.” She’s wanted to work hands-on to better the lives of animals ever since she was a little girl! The older she got, the more Dr. Dees’ passion for science and medicine started to blossom. Veterinary medicine was simply the perfect path.

Education & Certifications

Dr. Dees is from Coppell, Texas and attended Texas A&M University to study biomedical science, graduating magna cum laude. She stayed at the university for veterinary school, spending countless hours caring for creatures of all shapes and sizes at the school’s Stevenson Companion Animal Center and developing a special soft spot for older animal companions in the process.

Dr. Dees first started here at Riverchase Animal Hospital in 2006, and she’s been tending to the area’s pets and animal owners ever since. She has special interests in feline medicine—she loves to diagnose a cat even when they’re hiding their symptoms very well!—and also enjoys performing dental work and developing treatment plans one-on-one with clients. Further showcasing Dr. Dees’ love of feline medicine, she is a member of American Association of Feline Practitioners, and is a big reason our hospital is so passionate about being a certified Cat Friendly Practice Gold.

After Hours

When she’s not at work, Dr. Dees can be found party planning, cake decorating, working out, or spending quality time with her family and pets on her small farm just outside of town. Along with her husband and kids, she shares her life with three cats named Calvin, Charlotte, and Skye, as well as a laid-back rescue dog named Peter. The animal portion of the family is rounded out by several alpacas and an assortment of chickens.